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Air filters
The advantage of using the Air filters:
- assures the air flow for optimum engine processes;
- 100% sealing obtained through the high quality filter paper and made by hot glueing;
- optimal geometry for pleas;
Oil filters
The advantages of oil filter using:
- special filter paper (Made in Germany), assures the oil flow for optimum engine processes;
- optimal geometry for pleas;
Fuel filters
To remember:
- microfiber paper (Made in Germany) is special impregnated to protect the injection system of the car;
- changing the fuel filter is made according to the car producer specifications;
Cabin filters
The Cabin filters assures the protection against of all types of polen, against dust particles and smoke from Diesel engines, microorganisms from air, for the people inside the habitacle and for the heating or air conditioning system of the car.
Industrial filters
The industrial filters are keeping clean the air and the fluids inside the industrial equipments. They filter the contaminating particles which can cause the degradation of the engine, and even the total deterioration of some equipments.